Have you bought tickets for one of the matches that will take place at the Old Trafford Stadium? If so, we will explain you when and how will you receive the tickets. So... here we go! ;)

When will I receive?

Please note that due to sport event, the tickets will be issued by the promoter/organizer very close to the event, sometimes, as close as 24 hours before the event. 

As part of our Fan protect 100% guarantee we make sure that you will receive your tickets in time to enjoy the event.

How do I receive? 

There are different delivery options for this event 

You can identify your ticket type in the following ways:

  • During the checkout you will be able to see this information
  • In the confirmation email you receive once the order is confirmed
  • From your Profile > "Orders" > "Current" tab

Knowing the format that corresponds to you, below you will explain the details on how to receive the tickets. 


You will receive tickets as a PDF format. 

Once the seller uploads the file to the transaction, you will receive an email with the delivery confirmation and a invitation to download from your account. 

How to access them? 

  1. Login into your StubHub International account
  2. Go to "Orders", Open tab
  3. Under the transaction, click on "Get tickets" to download them. 

Don't print them! You will need to scan from your mobile device.

Mobile Ticket

Instead of using a hard copy or PDF ticket, your ticket is stored on your phone. It'll often look like a square barcode, called a QR code.

At the event, you'll view the mobile ticket on your phone to scan it at the gate.

When the tickets are delivered, you will receive an email to view your ticket.

Mobile Transfer

Tickets will be Mobile Delivery and you will need you show from your smartphone.

When the tickets are delivered... 

  1. We will send you an email to confirm the tickets had been delivered. There are 2 options to access them. Both equally valid.
    • From the seller: email with a link for each of the tickets bought. In order to access your tickets you will need to click and open the links from your smartphone. Sometimes, they provided instructions on how to access by the club app.  
    • From StubHub International: email with one or more "Accept Ticket" buttons. Bear in mind that it is one link for each guest. Therefore, if you bought more than 1 ticket, you must click on each of the "Accept ticket" buttons that appear in the email received.
  2. After clicking on the link(s) or the "Accept Ticket" buttons, a new window will be opened and the pkpass file will be downloaded.
    • If your mobile is Android, you will need to have "Passwallet" installed or other similar apps (like WalletPasses, Pass2U Wallet...). 
      1. On the Download app, tap on the  ⠇ icon,  click on "Share" and choose the Wallet app (if you don't have it, below we recommend you some apps to use).
      2. Click on Accept to save the tickets in your Wallet app. 
    • If your mobile is iPhone, you will not need to download an external application, just click "Add" to save them in Wallet. If you can't open the link from the email, we recommend copying and opening it directly in Safari, then saving it to your AppleWallet.   
    • If your mobile is Windows Phone, you will need to have Wallet Pass installed.
  3. Open the Wallet app and you will be able to view the tickets. 

On the event day... 

Remember, you are responsible for bringing your ticket to the venue on your smartphone. Image, PDF files or printed tickets will not be valid.

We remind you that it is the buyers’ responsibility to follow these instructions. 


Make sure you provide a valid and correct delivery address. To ensure on-time delivery, we recommend providing an address in Manchester. If you need to change it, you can read the steps here

Once the seller deliver, you will receive an email with the delivery details (as courier, tracking number, maybe estimated delivery date...)

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