Did you sell tickets for the competition and want to know how to transfer them? It's quick and easy! 

How to deliver?

You’re allowed to transfer the tickets to another attendee by introducing the other person’s email. 

  1. Login into your StubHub International profile 
    1. Go to 'Sales', 'Open' tab and search for your sale 
    2. Copy the buyer’s email address. You can also see in the sale confirmation email
      • If the email domain is @privaterelay.apple.id, complete the form first before following the next steps. This domain is not valid for ticket transfers
      • Please note, you can only use your buyer´s email address for purely transactional reasons. Any misuse of such information will be in your own responsibility
  2. Login into your Wimbledon App
    1. Go to the 'Tickets' tab
    2. Select the tickets you sold and you must transfer and then, click on 'Transfer Ticket'
    3. Provide the email address of your guest and then, click on 'Submit'
  3. Return to our page to complete the transaction 
    1. Click on “Confirm/Transfer”
    2. Choose “I have already transferred the ticket(s) to the buyer from the original ticket provider page" and confirm. 
    3. Your sale status will change automatically to Delivered

What will happen if the tickets are not transferred on time? 

Should the tickets are not transferred and we are not informed of any issues during the process, may lead to a delay in your payment.

Any mention or reference to the Wimbledon Official App is for informational purposes only and does not imply any official association.