Did you sell tickets for the Euro 2024 and want to know how to transfer them? It's very easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the UEFA Mobile Tickets app
  2. Select the tickets you sold and you must transfer and then, tap TRANSFER.
  3. Complete the fields with the email address of your guest. 
    • You can find this info in the sale confirmation email or from your StubHub International profile... Just go to Sales and under the transaction, next to "Buyer info" you can find the user details (like First Name, Last Name, email address)
    • If the email domain is @privaterelay.apple.id, complete the form first before following the next steps. This domain is not valid for ticket transfers so the buyer must provide a new one
  4. At latest, click in TRANSFER to complete the process.  – The buyer will receive an automatic email confirming that they have some entries associated with their email. 
  5. Go to StubHub to find and complete your sale. If you entered the buyer info, click at "Confirm / Transfer" button, select the first option (I have already transferred the ticket(s) to the buyer from the original ticket provider page) and tap on "Confirm".... And you're done! ;)
    • Don't see the button? Don't worry! This means that you are all set! 

Please note, you can only use your buyer´s email address for purely transactional reasons. Any misuse of such information will be in your own responsibility.

Any mention or reference to UEFA Mobile Tickets app is for informational purposes only and does not imply any official association.