The FAN ID card is a personal card which is mandatory for any Football World Championship 2022 attendees (Qatar residents and minors included). Each attendee should have their own.

In order to request a FAN ID, first your buyer will need the Ticket Application numberIf you sell tickets on StubHub International for any game, and your buyer requests this reference, you must send a valid number to your buyer.

When your buyer contacts us regarding the Ticket Application number, you will receive an email asking for the reference. Then, you'll need to complete our form within 3 days of receiving the email.

  • StubHub International Account Email – Same address registered and associated to the sale.
  • Sale reference - Make sure you provide the correct reference or your Ticket Application number won't be submitted. 
  • Ticket Application number – The code provided by the event organizer. 

Once you submit the information, we will take care of sending the ticket application number to your buyer.

Bear in mind that if you have more than one sale, you'll need to repeat this process for each buyer as long as they request it.

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