The FAN ID card is a personal card which is mandatory for any Football World Championship 2022 attendees (Qatar residents and minors included). Each attendee should have their own.

In order to request your FAN ID, first you will need to have the Ticket Application number of your purchase. If you have more than one ticket in a same order, you will probably receive a single number that can be used for all attendees.

You only need one Fan ID card. Therefore, if you have already applied to a Fan ID card you don't need to request a Ticket Application number again. 


Don't you have the Ticket Application number yet?

If you have bought tickets on StubHub International, but you don't have the ticket application number yet, please request it through our form:

  • StubHub International Account Email – Same address used to purchase the tickets in our platform.
  • Order reference – Make sure you provide the correct reference or your request won't be submitted

Once you complete our form, we'll send you after a few minutes an email confirming the status of your request. If you provided the correct email and order reference, we'll then notify your seller who will need a few days to share the Ticket Application number with us. Once we receive it, we'll inform you.

Don't you have the Fan ID card yet?

If you have bought tickets on StubHub International and received the ticket application number, request your Fan ID card here.

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