Private seller

A private seller seller can be an individual selling fan to fan. The minimum age for an individual to be a private seller is 18 years

Professional seller

A professional seller can be any of the following:

  • Sole Propietor 
  • Partnership
  • Public company
  • Private company
  • Not-for-profit organization
  • Government entity

A Professional seller can be considered:

a Seller is likely to be acting for the purposes of their trade, business, craft or profession:

b. the Seller regularly sells Tickets with the intention of making a profit (the sales do not have to be on;

c. the Seller sells Tickets through a registered company, is a sole trader, has a VAT number or pays people to sell Tickets on their behalf; or

d. the Seller is paid to sell Tickets.

Please note that this page is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice. If you are unsure about how these regulations apply to you, please seek legal advice.

Professional sellers that offer goods or services to consumers over the internet are subject to a number of legal obligations under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancelation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 and Consumer Rights Act 2015. Here's an overview of the most important legal obligations and how you can comply with these obligations when selling tickets on StubHub International as a professional seller.

When should I register as a professional seller?

According to the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancelation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, a professional seller or "trader" means a person acting for purposes relating to that person's trade, business, craft or profession. For most professional sellers it should be obvious - if you're operating as a business in the real world, and your selling activities on StubHub International are connected with this business, then you should register as a professional seller.

In general, you should register as a professional seller on StubHub International if:

  • you regularly sell tickets with the intention to make a profit (the sales do not all have to be on;
  • you sell large volumes of tickets over a period of time;
  • you sell tickets through a registered company, you are a sole trader, you have a VAT number or you pay people to sell tickets on your behalf;
  • you are paid to sell tickets by a person or company;
  • You are the organiser of the event you are selling tickets to; or
  • You have sold more than 100 tickets through in any 12 month period.

This list is not exhaustive and other activities may mean that you are operating as a professional seller. Declaring yourself as a private seller, even though you are acting as a professional seller, is in breach of consumer protection regulations and our policies. If you're unsure whether you're operating as a professional seller, please seek legal advice.

What are my obligations as a professional seller and how can I comply on StubHub International?

You need to provide information about your identity and business

You need to provide information about your identity and business (such as your trading name), the full geographical address at which you or your business is established, your company/trade registration number (if applicable) and your VAT identification number (if applicable).

When you list a ticket on our EU sites or to an event in the EU for the first time we ask you to declare yourself as either a private or professional seller. If you declare yourself as a professional seller you can provide additional information about your identity and business (if applicable). Please provide the appropriate information as it pertains to your operations.

With the exception of your email address and phone number, the information you provide will be displayed to buyers during the purchase process.

Please ensure that your business information is always kept accurate and up to date. If you need to make changes to your business information, please contact Customer Service.

You need to provide information about the tickets you are selling

As a professional seller you must provide buyers with full and accurate information about the tickets you are selling. This includes, but is not limited to, the name of the event, the event date, the section, row, seat (if available and applicable to the ticket), any unique ticket number that may help the buyer to identify the seat or standing area or its location (if available), the face value of the ticket and any disclosures or restrictions that apply to your ticket (such as obstructed view or resale restrictions), and (in relation to tickets to UK events) any affiliation you have with the promoter/rights holder or StubHub International.

The price you set for your tickets must be inclusive of all applicable taxes.

When listing tickets for sale on StubHub International, we'll ask you to:

  • Set a price for your ticket (including all applicable taxes)
  • Provide complete and accurate info about your tickets (including any restrictions)
  • Choose a delivery method based on the type of tickets you're selling
  • Note that even if you are not a professional seller, you will need to provide the above ticket information in relation to tickets you are listing for sale.
  • Provide information on means of communication and the right to cancel

You need to provide the consumer with a quick and efficient means of communication. Since StubHub International is acting as your service agent in regards to any customer questions, we will provide the buyers with our Customer Service contact information (email and phone number).

Do I need to offer buyers a right to cancel?

No, the sale of tickets for events with a specific date or period of performance is excluded from the right to cancel. However, you should inform the buyer about the fact that he/she will not benefit from a right to cancel. You can use the free form text field to provide any additional information that may be required (such as information about the existence or non-existence of the consumer's right to cancel etc.).

If you have additional questions regarding your obligations as a professional seller, please contact your legal adviser.