If you listed tickets on StubHub and don't see them in your active listings: 

  • Check your Sales tabs to see if they sold
    1. Go to My tickets > Sales
    2. Check the Open and Completed tabs
  • See if your listing is still eligible for sale. If not, it'll expire. Listings expire at different times depending on their delivery method. 
    1. Go to My tickets > Listings
    2. Click the Expired tab 
  • Try a different internet browser
    • StubHub works best in Google Chrome. Consider installing the browser if you don't already use it.
    • Try clearing your browser's cache and cookies

Did you just list tickets? It can take a few minutes for new listings to show up. Try refreshing the page.

Is your StubHub account linked to Facebook and you signed in with different credentials? You may have accidentally created a second StubHub account.

  • We can't link accounts. Sign out of the one you're in and log in through Facebook.